For potential employers


If you believe I could be a good fit in your organisation, please download my CV hereemail me to set up a phone call.

For students interested in bioinformatics

I often get contacted by students who are looking in to bioinformatics but do not know where to begin, if that's why you have visited my website...

  1. Have a look around, but remember that my journey is one of many in to bioinformatics.

  2. Check out my list of resources. It contains links to blogs, podcasts + videos about bioinformatics.

  3. Read the blog post I wrote for The Biochemist: '5 Tips for Getting Into Computational Biology'.

  4. If you still have specific questions, drop me an email + I would be happy to help!

For students interested in doing a doctorate

I get quite a lot of messages from people who are thinking about doing a PhD, but are not sure if they want to take the leap.

My best advice would be to pursue it if you are truly passionate about your proposed research. Don't base your decision on opinions from PhD students or graduates, because every single person has a unique experience that is drastically different to others.


It is not an easy journey, but nothing worth experiencing is easy + there is a reason why you are rewarded with a title at the end! My years being a doctoral candidate have been incredibly fulfilling, as I have grown in unimaginable ways - I would not trade this experience for anything. Of course, personal development only augments the actual research you conduct + your contribution to science (or society in general).

Please email me If you have specific questions to which you cannot find answers on my website.

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