This is a (long, ever-growing) list of all things bioinformatics! From podcasts to journals + companies too.
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  • Analyze Genomes - genomic data analysis services

  • Bluebee Genomics - genomic data analysis platform

  • BC Platforms - genomic data analysis platform

  • Cell-Free Technology - in vitro protein prototyping

  • Congenica - clinical bioinformatics platform

  • CATALOG - data storage in DNA

  • Dot One - personalised fashion items based on personal genomic data

  • DNAstack  - develop gold-standard bioinformatics pipielines in for GA4GH

  • Deep Genomics - preclinical in silico development of oligonucleotides, making use of AI

  • EncrypGen - genomic data marketplace making use of blockchain tech + cryptocurrencies

  • Futura Genetics - personal genome sequencing service

  • - personal genomic data sequencing + marketplace, making use of blockchain tech + cryptocurrencies

  • Genomics Edtech - integration of genetic predisposition with edtech

  • Genomics PLC - improve drug discovery process through analysis of GWAS data

  • Helix - personal genome sequencing + analysis to improve lifestyle

  • LunaDNA - secure health/DNA data sharing platform

  • Lifebit​ - omics data analysis cloud computing platform

  • Microsoft Genomics - algorithms for analysis of genomic data

  • Molomics - drug development, making use of AI

  • Nebula Genomics - personal genome sequencing

  • Nightingale - metabolomic profiling

  • OWKIN - drug development optimisation making use of ML + AI

  • Pine Biotech - omics data analysis platform + bioinformatics training provision

  • Repositive - human genomic data + cancer model repository

  • Sequentia - extensive omics data analysis

Research Centres + Initiatives


  • VastDB - alternative splicing profiles in vertebrate cell and tissue types

Charities + Campaigns

Exhibitions + Conferences

Disclaimer: I do not advocate for, support or necessarily use the above-listed resources. This is simply a compilation of resources I have come across. Descriptions of companies' products are their own claims, not mine.


This list is by no means exhaustive. If you would like me to add something, feel free to email me.

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