Hello, World!

1 Jan 2016

Here begin the chronicles of my transformation, transition, mutation... from biologist to computer scientist.


Having been fascinated by science since a young age, I knew I was destined for this life. The life of a doctoral student in bioinformatics. My interests dabbled in physics, chemistry and cosmetic science, until I settled at Biochemistry. During work experience at a university, I discovered Computational biochemistry. The ability to view molecules in such a way was fascinating to me. This led me to bioinformatics, in the final year of my Biology undergraduate degree, at Queen Mary University, London. Of course, the next logical step was a masters degree in Bioinformatics, which I completed at Imperial College London. Which brings us to the present day: doctoral studies in the Algorithms and Bioinformatics research group in King's College London.


Summary: I have been to loads of universities. I love London. I am a biologist trying to be a computer scientist.

In this blog, I will talk about my experiences, past and present, and I will attempt to share my knowledge of the surprisingly wide area of study known as Bioinformatics.


I hope to inspire, inform and educate.


Stay tuned,

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