#LiteraryStringology: The Princessa by Harriet Rubin

6 Jan 2017

Suitable for

Businesswomen; women in leadership or entrepreneurship.


Discontentment, powerlessness.


Recommended dosage

The first time round, read one short chapter per day, and try to apply what you've learnt. After this, binge read over a weekend to boost morale, as and when needed.


A quirky book about strategy, which answers the question: how do I get what I want without hurting anybody, including myself? A true win-win. It's the antithesis of Machiavelli's The Prince, for the modern day woman. 'Tactics' described in the book can be used in business and personal relationships, and their purpose is not only to empower oneself, but also everyone around you. This book teaches women to use their emotional intelligence - usually seen as negative - to everyone's advantage.


My Favourite Strings

"Act passionately but think straight."

"Seeing the essentials of any situation helps you discard costly defences and denials and brings you closer to realising the hidden potentials of goodwill and energetic deeds."

"Power always contains the seeds of its own weakness and instability."

"Be ready to get hurt and yet not inflict hurt."

"Holding your breath as the world gasps and races onward gives you the chance to increase your understanding of a situation."



Quite simply: pure empowerment.



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