Suffix Tree: Weiner's Algorithm of 1973

9 Jan 2017

It seems appropriate to begin my Suffix Tree series with a bit of history, on the birthday of the father of the suffix tree: Prof. Peter G. Weiner, who I actually had the pleasure of meeting last year in California!


As you can read in this review article, the story begins over 40 years ago, with the publication of Prof. Weiner's paper introducing the first linear-time suffix tree algorithm. Since then, the suffix tree has been established as arguably the most useful data structure in stringology, with the publication of further improved construction algorithms, as well as its use in myriads of applications.


Tomorrow, I will post some fundamental definitions from chapter 5.2 of Prof. Dan Gusfield's book on Algorithms on Strings, Trees and Sequences.


Happy birthday, Prof. Weiner!




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