An evening with MThree Diversity Network

1 Jul 2017

On Thursday 22nd June, I attended a Women in Tech insight event, hosted by MThree Consulting; an IT consultancy with clients mainly in the Finance industry.



Their two-year graduate scheme, known as Alumni by MThree Consulting, places graduate consultants in several large banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which owns NatWest. What excites me most about MThree is that they also have a specialised graduate scheme route for doctoral graduates or those with two years' professional experience in Tech: Alumni PRO! From my observations, most corporations do not have specific opportunities for doctoral graduates wanting to pursue consulting careers, so I am very grateful for this!


Our hosts for the evening were Kat Snodgrass + Mishri Amin (Alumni Engagement Managers at MThree Consulting).



We were joined by two graduates, who are currently working at RBS, + three members of senior management at RBS. The following are some of their words that stuck with me.



"Be honest with yourself about what you want to do."

"You can have a non-tech role in tech."

- Dinah Diab (MThree Alumni + MiFID Business Analyst at NatWest Markets)


"Do not limit yourselves when applying for jobs."

- Sehreen Qureshi (MThree Alumni + Business Management Analyst at RBS)


"Tech isn't just about tech; a wide skill set, including people skills, are required."

- James Gilbert (Head of CIO office at RBS)


"You don't have to like the people you work with, but you do have to respect them."

"You can still have a career without a degree."

"When I felt proud of being the only woman in the room, I actually should have felt embarrassed."

- Venessa Murphy (Operational Risk Manager at RBS)


"A happy person is a productive person."

"Think about what make you, you."

"An interview is a two-way conversation."

"Adopt yourself as you go; doors will open for you if you're not too fixed. "

"Have a go, get out of your comfort zone."

"Admit what you don't know; admit what you want to get out of things."

- Wendy Hersey (Programme Implementation Manager at RBS)


The venue was absolutely beautiful; an intimate setting, with food + drinks served during the networking sessions before and after.



As you can see from the photo above, I appreciate swag bags!



Thank you to MThree for inviting me! You can also check out their blog post on the evening here + more information about their graduate scheme here.




N.B. Some images used in this article were kindly provided to me by MThree.

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