Artificial Intelligence and the Law (Part 3/4)

18 May 2017

Following my previous post from Day 135, this post is a summary of another talk from the Law Society's conference held last year. You can watch a recording of the conference on YouTube.


Peter Wright - Managing Director, Digital Law UK + Chair, Technology and Law Reference Group, Law Society

Peter began with a live demonstration of the Norse Attack Map, which shows global automated cyber attacks in real time. He gave an anecdotal example of how autonomous cars can be hacked in to. Peter raised the issue that automated and harmless attacks are used to inundate analysts who work for cybersecurity firms, distracting them from the real cyber attack. He then commented that artificial intelligence can be used to filter this very meaningless chatter. Peter explained that one of the most effective ways of preventing cyber attacks is by providing staff with correct training, such that they are aware of the different forms of threats and how to spot them.


This blog post is particularly relevant due to the global ransomware attack that occurred last week.


I must say this was my favourite presentation out of all of them - Peter used many techniques that make a great presentation, which I will be covering in a blog post very soon!


Please note that I did some research on the Norse Attack Map, as it didn't seem legitimate to me, and I would advise everyone to take it with a pinch of salt.



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