#Bizomics Buzzword: Disruption

28 Jan 2017

I recently came across a cutting of a very old article about Marmite.


The columnist described his indifference towards issues which commonly incite 'Marmite reactions' from people: love or hate; happiness or anger. Instead, he practices and encourages questioning issues to which most people agree on.


I have always lived by the mantra 'question everything' - but, I believe there is a fundamental difference between asking questions out of curiosity or to foster positive change; and being disruptive for the sake of being different.


The former is analogous to the concepts of disruptive thinking and diversity in business. That is, aside from the social and ethical benefits, diversity in the employees of a business mean a diverse range of skills and opinions, and therefore, better, smarter and more innovative business strategy. However, to me, the latter is a result of not being confident in one's own beliefs.


I have come across people who go against the tide at every possible opportunity, even when it means contradicting an earlier action. To me, this appears as lack of integrity, rather than creativity.


As a student and a millenial, I think it is important to remind myself and my peers, that disruption should be backed by some level of knowledge and skill, not simply the desire to stand out.



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