22 Jan 2017

A few months ago, CHANEL revealed its Spring/Summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection in Paris. Now, you may be wondering why I'm writing about this on my blog: the Grand Palais was transformed in to none other than a data centre and the models who opened the show were dressed up as robots!


This strategic move by Karl Lagerfeld garnered a lot of attention from the tech world, including Wired magazine. I use the word strategic because Lagerfeld has been the Head Designer and reason for continued success for CHANEL for more than thirty years. As any successful businessman and creative, he knows what people want to see. In this case, that's technology.


Generally, the word grows more reliant on technology each day, but more recently, FashTech (the intersection of the fashion and technology industries) has exploded. With shoppers demanding more from brands than just e-commerce, and their desire for fashionable wearable tech, designers are paying attention. For example, Hermès designed a strap for the Apple Watch.


Traditionally, CHANEL releases a beauty collection in sync with its fashion collections. Cue COCO CODES - a makeup collection for Spring 2017 honouring Gabrielle CHANEL's personal favourite colour palette: red, black, gold, white and beige. As Lucia Pica, CHANEL's Head Creative Makeup Designer elegantly put it:


"There is a sense of autobiography in what Gabrielle Chanel did. She could not help using these colours. These 'codes'; this was who she was, it was her life."


It was her DNA.


The marketing campaign for this collection, and its highlight product (figuratively but also literally!), have an underlying tone of cryptography. As stated in their press release: "Deciding how to decipher the codes – how to wear them your own way – is all part of the game."


COCO CODE is a limited edition multi-purpose product. You can use the two lighter shades as highlighters, the red-toned shade as a blush, the brown-toned shade as a bronzer, or, blend the shades to create your own personalised blush shade.




The collection is currently only available in the Chanel Beauty store in Covent Garden. It will be released nationwide on 27/01/17.


This post was not sponsored in any way - maybe one day!

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