Integrated DNA Technologies DNA Day Competition

8 May 2017

Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc., the world's largest supplier of oligonucleotides, ran a photo competition on DNA Day 2017. The only criteria was that the photo had to do something with structure. The following was my entry.


The thought behind this was to show the different types of structure at different levels of nature. The first level is what we can see with the naked eye: a rose. The second level is DNA, shown in two different forms: molecule and machine-readable string. The former is shown in the form of a hand-made silver ring; and the latter is a photo I took of my computer terminal when I was working with human genomic data, shown on my iPad.

I was one of three winners of the competition! IDT kindly sent me a prize that I got to choose from a selection.



Pictured above is one of the pair of glasses that I chose. You can see the winning photo in the background/centre of the image, which I took through the glass. The glasses have the sequence of the human alcohol dehydrogenase gene ADH1A printed on them - ironic because I don't drink alcohol but I love these glasses so much!

First came the ring, now the glasses.. the obsession grows.



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