My Research in a Nutshell

14 Jan 2017



I gave this presentation to a group of about sixty MSc Computer Science students at King's College London a few months ago, for a module on advanced research methods. It's all about my specific area of research (including examples of problems I have worked on), why it's important and some current issues within the field.


Not all parts will be easy to follow without me presenting it as it consists mostly of visual aids, but have a look and email me with questions!


As you might be able to tell from the picture, my research falls within the intersection of computer science and biology, specifically: algorithms for computational molecular biology. More simply, my research involves the design of string-processing algorithms, using pre-existing and/or novel data structures and algorithms, for the analysis of molecular sequences (DNA, RNA and polypeptides).


For more info, please do check out the rest of my blog, and my academic publications.


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