Student Conference on Mathematical Foundations in Bioinformatics

6 May 2017

On Wednesday 20th July 2016, the students of the Algorithms & Bioinformatics group at King's College London hosted the first International Student Conference on Mathematical Foundations in Bioinformatics (MatBio). I chaired this event along with two other doctoral students in my research group: Ritu and Ahmad.

We were joined by almost 40 participants from 19 different institutions in Europe and the USA. There were a total of five invited talks and seven student talks. Click here to see the programme booklet.

I would like to thank the London Mathematical Society and the Department of Informatics at King's College London for sponsoring the event. I would also like to thank our organising committee (Mai, Lorraine and Steven) for the time and effort they put into making sure everything ran smoothly.


The photo below is a selfie I took after closing the conference!


As a founder of the conference, I am now a member of the steering committee, and am delighted to announce that MatBio 2017 will be held this September! Please find all the details at the website: and note that the deadline to submit an abstract to deliver an oral presentation is 14/07/16. Travel support is also being offered so be sure to apply for that if your institution cannot support you.


Hope to see you there!


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