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24 Jan 2017

On [0/364] of this year, I published a post setting a target for myself for this year: post on this blog every single day.


I have been told, yet never admitted, that I can be overly ambitious. This is me admitting defeat.


After giving it a go, I quickly realised writing blog posts requires a lot of time. I don't want to publish an article of a standard which I am not happy with, but I do want to push myself to do this, but there are only so many hours in the day.


I am doing this for my own benefit. Each post requires me to dig deep into something that has caught my attention (example here); helps me to solidify my understanding of fundamental concepts in my field (example here); or documents something that I am proud of achieving (example here).


For these reasons, I enjoy this - but I want others to enjoy this with me. So, I have decided to post every other day. On the days in-between, I will advertise the posts on social media - this in itself requires quite a lot of time.


I hope those who do read my blog enjoy it and stick around for more!







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