The importance of efficient communication

3 Jun 2017

What is the meaning of efficient communication? Is this relevant only in scientific writing, or in life too?


In my opinion, efficient communication is one of the key skills that we should all endeavour to master. My own perspective on it is quite scientific, and I would love to hear others' opinions on this.


The following are what I believe to be essential aspects of efficient communication:


1. Is it necessary?

Is what I am about to say going to benefit me, the person I am speaking to, or a third party in one way or another? If not, leave it out!

2. Listen, don't hear.

Is what you are saying really responding to what the other person said to you? Or, are you just getting across another point? The former is called a conversation; the latter a lecture - and no one likes lectures!

3. Keep it short and sweet.

Perhaps this is where the scientist in me comes in, and I must make it clear that there is a time and place for everything (where would we be without poets?). However, once you write something down, before sending it, re-read it and evaluate whether or not you can say the same thing in less words. Of course, this evaluation process is relatively lengthy, but eventually writing concisely will become a habit through this. Ultimately, you will save energy, and so will the person reading your message.

4. Don't forget your P's and Q's.

Politeness and professionalism are paramount. Never forget your pleases and thank yous; your dears and regards'.



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